Company History

The Transitional Organizer, LLC was formed in 2013 by visionary Raquel Grant. Organizing has been a major attribute of Raquel’s life. She had previously worked for an organizing company full time for a couple of years to gain the knowledge in the industry. It was there that she acquired her Senior Move Management certificate, took numerous organizing classes and attended seminars. She then became a member of The National Association of Professional Organizers. When the owner of the company moved out of the area and sold the business, Raquel decided to start her own organizing agency. Thus, The Transitional Organizer, LLC was born.

To further increase her credentials, Raquel obtained a Professional Organizing degree and her client started to grow where The Transitional Organizer now has a team of organizers around the Washington DC Metro area ready to assist local clients.

Why Do You Need Us?

We help people” transition” through the many ages, stages, and phases of life while knowing the frustration clutter can cause. We’re also aware of how emotional the downsizing process can be.

Our  training, expertise and ability to connect with people gives us the tools we need to assist you as you transition through life.

Do you find yourself looking at your problem area(s) and wonder how it got this way or where to begin? Understanding what you value and how best to honor your belongings is the key.

Together we can make the best decisions and come up with a plan of action using simple organizing solutions to achieve your goals.
We can make your vision a reality!

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