Guide to Planning Your Day

Create a Personal Timetable

Firstly, you make a time schedule for the normal duties you run almost every day. It serves as a reminder most times in helping you recall some duties needed to be done at a specific time and also helps in time management.

You can also set a timer in your cellphone to determine the actual time your day starts in the morning. This helps you to maintain a punctual time you wake from your bed regularly to avoid waking up at inconsistent times. Inconsistency can interrupt your mental flow for the day.

Do Some Early Morning Exercise

After waking up in the morning, most people enjoy starting their day with a cup of coffee, but the preferable way to start your day is by doing some simple early-morning workout routines. Like some pushups, arms and legs swinging, body weight squats and jumping jacks. Doing this for 10-15 minutes would at least have better effects on your health than drinking coffee almost every morning because it allows your body to work out pains and aches.

Have a Healthy Breakfast

Consider a diet that you can follow up. Many people create dieting goals that are unrealistic or unaffordable in the long run. Dieting has much more advantages besides facilitating fat burn-off. Your diet augments different aspects of your life; mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Go for Work

When at work, you need concentration. The human brain can give dedicated concentration on average for an hour. People that have trained their minds over the years can afford two hours of constant concentration. However, it is advisable to enjoy 15 to 20 minutes break after every hour of work.

Have a Quick Snack for Lunch

When it’s time for your lunch hour (provided you are following your time schedule) you can have a protein-rich snack or lunch which would help you lose weight and strengthen your bones.

Relax After a Long Day At Work

After you’re back home from work, your body would seek for something different as a means of relaxation because you’re already exhausted. Firstly,  you would love to take a cool bath and think of a suitable means to relax your body. To some people, relaxation means doing something entirely different from what you have been doing throughout your day. While some people spend quality time with their kids or friends and even with their dogs because they find it as one of the best ways to relax after work. However, you can relax by taking a quick nap or laying on the bed or turning on the TV to watch some interesting channels for like a period of 1-2 hours.

Have a Nice Dinner

Dinner should be served on time and avoid late snacking at night because it could increase the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Go to Bed

Don’t stay up too late. Go sleep immediately you are done with dinner and you can also have a quick shower before bed. Meditating or praying before you go to sleep is good for a great night’s rest.

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