How to Organize Your Closet

Easy Tips for Closet Organization

Having a clean and properly organized closet is the best. Not only does it keep your neat clothes in order but it also gives more room for new clothes and shoes. When your closet is neatly organized, finding things in the closet would not be difficult. You will always know where your favorite T-shirts, shoes, and sweaters are located.  Obviously, you would need something like this especially when you are the type that loves shopping a lot. However, how to organize your closet solely depends on the space available and also the size of your wardrobe. If you want to create more space for your clothes in the closet, then try some of these steps.

  • Get all the tools used in organizing a wardrobe including a toss basket and a measuring tape.
  • Remove all the contents in the closet such as shoes, clothes, sweaters and so forth.
  • Clean your closet properly
  • Remove unnecessary items you wouldn’t be making use of by simply donating old clothes or shoes
  • Know the available space that would fit your closet and hold all your accessories, clothes and shoes
  • Start organizing your clothes, shoes, and accessories back into the closet by grouping similar contents together.

You can create a plan that would always keep your closet organized and prevents it from cluttering again.

What You Need to Do to Keep Your Closets Organized

Before you start organizing your closet, you need to make sure that you have the right tools and supplies for the process. You don’t have to proceed with the project after a long day at work. Take your time to relax before starting this project. Find some spare time for at least a period of 2-3 hours to commit to this process.

  • Shopping bags – Find brown paper bags or carton boxes to transport your clothes for laundry, dry cleaning, tailoring, and donations.
  • Measuring tape – you will have to measure the shelves and hanging space. Do not proceed with this particular process without a pen and paper in order to jot down the closet’s measurements.
  • Full-Length Mirror – You would need a full-length mirror in your closet. With this, you can fully check all sides of what you are wearing in order to choose the ones you would keep and the ones you would get rid off.
  • Catchall basket – You can keep all rubber bands, tiny bangles, papers, loose change, wads of cash and hair clips in this type of basket. In order to avoid getting stuck in the middle to arrange these small items so you could just store them in a catchall basket.

In addition, plan ahead on what you would do to the clothes that need to be gotten rid of. You can always donate some of those old clothes order than storing them up. After this is done, then you can start organizing your items into the closet.

Tips on How to Start Organizing

The following ideas would help you in organizing your wardrobe properly:

Empty and Clean Up the Closet

Throwing in clothes anyhow into the closet would get things messy and untidy. This is going to be awkward because you wouldn’t notice some of your personal stuff shoved in a back corner of your closet while removing the items. You need to empty everything in the closet including baskets, hangers, bins and anything else that might be on the floor or shelves.

Clean the space available which you would use to plan and organize your items in. Also, dust off the shelves and hanging rod. Then you can further wipe, sweep or mop the floor of your closet by using soapy water and a soft cloth. Remember to wipe the shelves, hanging rods and baseboards down using a good all-purpose cleaner.

Get Rid of Old Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories

This is the part most people wouldn’t like. Some people fear getting rid of old items because they want to hold onto things that might be useful in the future or can be used to fit in style. You need to concentrate on clothes that can be kept rather what you are discarding. You should choose wisely before decluttering your clothes, shoes or accessories in order to save enough space.

Buy Closet Organizers

Closet organizers can help to create more accessible storage spaces for you.  With closet organizers, you can keep more personal stuff like stylish flats, Mp3 players, toys and so forth.

Organize Your Clothes, Shoes and Accessories

Finally, this is where you can place everything back in a way that would work perfectly. Use all the space available and make it look attractive enough to encourage you to maintain your closet on daily basis. Think of how you would store your items using different organizing categories.

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