Respectful Organizing Help After a Death Occurs

One of the most devastating occurrences in the world is to lose a loved one, this feeling of loss can be overwhelming in so many ways. When such a tragedy occurs, there are several things you will need to attend to even if you feel paralyzed and incapable of doing anything. While it is the job of the funeral home or church to help you with both the public and official ceremony of saying goodbye, there is still an exceedingly challenging act which involves sorting out the personal belongings of the deceased.

When your body and mind are consumed by grief, you are unable to focus on things anymore and even a simple thing such as laundry seems inconsequential. During this time, it is easy to feel removed from reality. This period is always one that is filled with intense sorrow and pain and seeing the belongings of the deceased can bring out these feelings. It is, however, necessary to go through the belongings of the deceased and take care of it. We know that the mind is still in bits and unable to grasp anything.

There is no definite way by which you can sort through the belongings of the deceased but, you can employ the services of The Transitional Organizer, LLC in helping you with decluttering the properties of the deceased if you are in Washington DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia.

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    Let us work together during this difficult and painful time

    Although we oversee the process of decluttering the belongings of your departed, it is necessary that we work together. This is because there are some items that you would rather keep, gift, donate or sell. The first thing that will be required of you is your time so that you would be able to work with us in decluttering the belongings of the deceased.

    The easiest place to start with is by sorting out items without emotional attachment, such as undergarments, hygienic products or kitchen equipment. These are easier to let go of, after which comes the sentimental items such as favorite clothes, journals and so on. We are respectful and deferential of the situation and will help advise with keeping items associated with positive memories and discarding the ones associated with negative memories.

    These properties are essentially divided into five different categories depending on the things you are able to decide with the organization and they include:

    Items to keep

    These are the items that you decide to keep. We will help you determine if you really need them or they are only there for sentimental reasons. Will the item bring you joy or good reminiscence, or will it compound the clutter and make you have negative feelings.

    Items to donate or sell

    These items are the ones no family member or friend desires and they happen to be in good working order.

    Items to pass on to someone else

    These are the items that family members or friends choose.

    Items to throw away

    These are the items that are damaged or unwanted

    Items you are not ready to deal with

    These are items you don’t want to make a decision on. They are put aside to be decided when you are ready.

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