Pre and Post Moving Help in Northern VA, Washington DC and Maryland

Moving is perhaps one of the most taxing activities you may find yourself contending with. It is for this reason that you should rely on The Transitional Organizer. We are a company that is conversant with the stress and hassle involved in packing, labeling and organizing in pre-and-post move and is ready to provide you with these services anywhere in Washington DC, North Virginia, and Maryland. We help you to pack nonfragile items and keep an inventory of all your belongings.

Before Your Move

The Transitional Organizer can plan every step of the moving process. We are not the type of organizers that will wait until the movers arrive to get a game plan. Before the move, we will help you with the following:

  • Organizing and putting your belongings in order
  • Making sure your belongings do not end up missing in your new home.
  • Organizing and supervising the process of packing

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    During the process of packing, The Transitional Organizer will work with your movers to label and number every box according to the items present in the box, as well as label the room and location of where they are to go. This will make it easier to unpack and put in the right spots when they arrive in your new home.

    Donation and Sale

    When you are about to move, there are certain items or belongings that you are no longer in need of. The Transitional Organizer will help you donate, gift to family or friends, or sell those items. We help you make the tough decisions of what to bring to your new home.

    After You Move

    The Transitional Organizer has a team of professional organizers that can assess the situation and then discuss with you to develop a strategy that will be the most efficient in organizing your new home. We do our best to ensure that you get relocated easily and help take care of the different duties difficult for people to handle, which may include:

    • Overseeing and supervising the process of unpacking of your belongings
    • Determining the functions of your rooms, closets, and the kitchen in your new home
    • Positioning furniture and other belongings to create a new comfortable home environment
    • Ensuring that everything can function properly and be easily maintained
    • Advising on new products to purchase to help meet your organizing needs
    • Creating organizing systems and solutions


    The Transitional Organizer will help you to unpack, organize and arrange items in your new home in an efficient manner.

    Advantages of HIring the Transitional Organizer

    • Provided that there are certain items that you don’t need anymore, The Transitional Organizer can help donate, sell and eliminate them. We are also able to help you organize all your properties in a way such that you will have more than enough space still in your house.
    • The Transitional Organizer can also provide you with a plan concerning how you can utilize your cabinets, closets, built-ins, shelves and other spaces in your house.
    • The Transitional Organizer’s professional organizers will ensure safe unpacking of fragile items such as glassware and collectibles
    • We will help keep your moving day totally stress-free!
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