Decluttering Services for Seniors in Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland

As adults age, their minds and bodies inevitably change. As a senior, when you reach this point, you may need decluttering services in order to create space in your current home or get your belongings in order for relocation. If you’ve lived in a home for a long time, you may have accumulated quite a bit over a period of time. Downsizing can be a difficult job and you will need the help of a professional organizer. This will remove the stress, hassle, and pressure that is otherwise placed on you as a senior. Possessions and paperwork build up across time, and in the home of seniors, they can form unsightly clutter from accumulation over the years. Decluttering can go a long way in the home of seniors to allow for safety, mobility and decrease the amount of stress involved in aging in place or transitioning.

We know how important it is to have nonjudgmental, kind and supportive people during the process of organizing, and these are the qualities possessed by the professional organizers of The Transitional Organizer. We are able to provide help for those who have hoarding tendencies in Washington DC, North Virginia and Maryland area.

It is essential to work slowly with seniors in order to not overwhelm them as they usually need more time. During the process of decluttering, the professional organizers at The Transitional Organizer exercise patience with seniors and give them the opportunity to lead the way. A lot of times, items which seem old and useless to younger people might be sentimental or treasured by older people. Seniors most often do not go by what is newest or best, instead, they go by the things they could use.

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    Organizing Help for Empty Nesters

    An empty nest essentially refers to a home without the children. Parents can face a hard time when the nest has been recently empty or is about to be empty. We at The Transitional Organizer recognize this trying period of your life and will respectfully assist you to clear and declutter your home to make room for another phase in life. Clearing out the clutter makes space available for new things and interests especially as there is no more children to worry about.

    We will work with you when clearing your kids’ rooms. Sometimes they leave belongings behind that are old and don’t fit their current lifestyles. They let you to deal with it. We will offer suggestions of what to keep to help you make the best decisions. Usually, the majority of the things in the room are found not to be necessary anymore. In situations where the items are not in good working order anymore, we will advise disposing of it. This organizing process helps to create space for other things, and it also lets you attain peace of mind because you are no longer holding on to the things you do not need anymore.

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