Steven (Arlington, VA)
- Steven (Arlington, VA)

“No matter how bad you think your place may look, my condo probably looked worse, until I met Raquel. She will listen to your needs and then create a fool proof plan that you and she will work on together, to get all of the clutter out of your home and out of your life. Don’t expect Raquel to baby you; she will make you work hard to get the results that you want and she will always be there for you. You can definitely be proud to show off your home again!”

Dana (Lorton, VA)
- Dana

“Raquel is a very organized, professional, and kind person. I have ADD which makes it very difficult for me to be organized and stay focused. My house was a cluttered nightmare that was not only overwhelming to look at, but impossible for me to get under control. It made me feel so anxious and distracted. Raquel helped me get my clutter problem completely under control. She kept me focused one project at a time. We worked through the house systematically, not something I am able to do by myself because I am easily distracted and get off task. She helped me decide what items (clothes, household good, etc.) to keep, what I could give away, and what should be thrown away. She took donations to a charity for me. I never felt pressure to get rid of anything either. I highly recommend her!”

Regina (Alexandria, VA)
- Regina

“As a 67 year old retired senior, living in my house for 22 years, with 40+ years working, I had accumulated so many suits, high-heeled shoes, work tops and handbags. With the help of Raquel’s expertise, I was able to downsize and make my closets presentable and easy to get to my everyday clothes etc. I can now see everything at a glance instead of spending so much time searching. She also assisted with getting rid of so many old and no longer important paper documents, and created a filing system of what to keep. I also have several hundred photos that she gave suggestions on how to categorize and then file into albums. It is now a pleasure to pull out my albums to share with family & friends. “

Jamie (Falls Church, VA)
- Jamie

“Raquel helped me find my desk again! Now I have a system that keeps it clear and organized–Thank you!”

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